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Kids photography in Istanbul

Child photography in Istanbul is associated with many beauties. From historical places and colorful alleys with their peace and serenity to busy markets full of life, everywhere there are beautiful places for children’s photography.

One of the best ways to photograph a child in Istanbul is to photograph in the crowded streets.

Also, Istanbul’s parks are one of the best places for children’s photography. Large parks such as Golkhaneh Park, Yildiz Park, and Shoshmoregan Park are spaces with beautiful and relaxing nature that can become a beautiful and different background for children’s photography.

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Baby and child photography

  Children’s photography is considered to record the childhood spirit of children and children since birth. A photographic film is the first thing a new father gets after buying the necessities (Wikipedia).

  Children and cameras depend on each other. From birth onwards, from infancy to adulthood, children are constantly being followed by cameras. The child is usually interested in the subject, although most of the time he is too busy to pay attention to the photography.

He can almost always create good photos. Parents like and want to keep most of the photos taken of the child’s life. If these photos were taken by professionals, although they seem to lack the feeling and understanding that parents can have towards a child, but in terms of technical skill, it can be noticed.

  In terms of collaboration with a photographer, children are the best subjects. Children enter the photography space without any introduction, they enjoy showing themselves and posing, and they are tireless subjects, because the basis of a child is full of energy and tireless.

  Even a child who suddenly gets bored of standing in front of the camera and amuses himself with another activity will be a better subject for photography (it will create another angle for photography).

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  Today, child photography is classified into five categories based on the child’s age:
• pregnancy photography
• Photography of the baby
• Photography of toddlers
• Photography of minors
• Photography of elementary school children

  Sharing the joy of the birth of your future child starts from the moment of conception. Preparing for the birth of a baby can be stressful, but a photo session can ease that stress and remind you how beautiful this miracle is. Pregnancy photos play an important role in documenting the journey (pregnancy) and will be noticed for a long time.

  To get successful photos, you need to choose the right time for the pregnancy photo, when you can find your belly in its perfect shape. Try to schedule your pregnancy photography sessions in the seventh or eighth month of your pregnancy.

  During this time, your belly has a round and good shape and is suitable for taking the best time to take pregnancy photos. If you are counting your pregnancy by the week, schedule your photo session when you are around 30 weeks pregnant. If you register your maternity photos after the eighth month of pregnancy, you may not be comfortable.

  If you don’t want your pregnancy photo to be too heavy, it’s usually after 35 weeks.
The first days after the birth of the baby is the best time to photograph the baby, and in the following months and years, depending on the child’s growth, the sweetest moments can be recorded.

Kids photography in Istanbul by Entezar Studio عکاسی کودک در استانبول

  Considering that the specialty of Entezar Studio is to photograph children in the beautiful nature of Istanbul, here are some examples of different ideas in outdoor children’s photography that can capture a memorable photo that the child himself will enjoy seeing later. We will review together.
– Using flowers and leaves of trees, fruits of trees
– Use of rain, wind, snow
– Black and white photography
– Photography during the game
– Use of grass
– Use bubbles
– Use of parents’ hands
– He showed the wedding rings
– Direct look between child and parent
– hug

  In relation to photographing a child in nature, several points should be noted, including:
1- The child should sleep enough
2- He has eaten enough.
3- Do not forget suitable and comfortable clothes for your child.
4- Take a photo of him in a space that is familiar to him.
5- Find some shade. The shadow can be between a few trees, the shadow of a tall building or even part of the play equipment. Non-uniformity of shadow, spotty light is not interesting for photography.
6- Pay attention to the sunlight. In nature, sunlight shines directly. Direct sunlight causes children’s eyes to squint, so ask your child to stand so that the light is in his background.

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