In the heat of the summer sun or the coolness of the eye-catching Istanbul, a city known as the historical bridge between East and West, every wedding will be a cultural and refreshing event. A wedding ceremony in Istanbul is not only a family event, but also a cultural show that gradually incorporates various elements of cultures and traditions.

  The beginning of this wedding ceremony begins with the naming ceremony for the young man and woman, then the guests arrive at the ceremony site wearing colorful and beautiful clothes. Wedding ceremonies in Istanbul are usually held on a luxury ship, one of the beautiful gardens or large hotel halls.

When the bride and groom enter, energetic music plays for celebration and joy. After the wedding ceremony, the guests have a memorable party with colorful food.

  Wedding ceremony in Istanbul is more than a set of ceremonies; It is an opportunity for family and friends to gather and share happiness with the bride and groom.
This event will become one of the most memorable moments in people’s lives with a variety of entertainment, wonderful music, smiles, happiness and special photos and images.


Boat and Ship

Renting all kinds of boats and ships for ceremonies and celebrations from 2 to 600 people

  • courtship
  • Photography and imaging
  • birthday party
  • engagement
  • wedding


Small Yacht
1 to 15 person
1 Hour
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Medium Boat
15 to 60 person
1 Hour
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Normal Ship
60 to 200 person
1 Hour
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XL Ship
200 to 600 person
1 Hour
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Garden rental in and around Istanbul for : 

  • Photography 
  • imaging
  • birthday party
  • engagement
  • wedding 

And …

wedding dress

Wedding Dress & Makeup

  • You can get advice from us to rent or buy a wedding dress or pre wedding dress in Istanbul

  • Get advice from us to choose the style and model of bridal makeup and choose the best makeup artist and hairdressers in Istanbul


Dinner & Reception

  • Iranian food (types of kebabs, grilled chicken, types of stews, etc.) 

  • Turkish food (kebab, dumplings, oysters, etc.) 

  • International cuisine • Tasting table and finger food

  •  All kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks • Fruits, sweets and desserts & . . . 



Persian meal
Types of Kebabs ( Barg,Koobide ,Shishlik , ... )
Grilled chicken
Types of stews
Types of Rice ( Baghalipolo , Shirinpolo )
Salads and . . .
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Turkish meal
Yaprak Dolma
Cig Kofte
Kuzu Tandir , Urfa Kebab , ​Adana kebab , . . .
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International meal
Ask us for a variety of international dishes
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Wedding Cake

  • Iranian cake

  • Turkish cake 

  • All kinds of sweets

  • A variety of desserts such as tiramisu, pudding, pie, etc. . .

  • The possibility of choosing different flavors, colors, and shapes

Bridal bouquet
DJ and Music