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Official and international marriage registration in Türkiye

Registration of official and international marriage in Turkiye is an important process that is of particular importance. With a rich history and culture, this country has laws that consider marriage registration as one of the vital and legal steps.
Registering a marriage in Turkey also brings various advantages, including obtaining an international marriage certificate, low cost and the possibility of registration for stateless persons and refugees.
If a person is a refugee in Türkiye, he can register a marriage with the help of a refugee lawyer.
The legal authorities for marriage registration in Türkiye are municipalities.
According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, people can get married officially if they have the necessary documents by the official body of the municipality and by the relevant officials.
Another point is that, like Iran, the legal age for marriage in Turkey is at least 18 years old, and marriage registration for people under 18 years of age will not be done in any of the official centers announced by the government.
If the person is already married, the previous marriage must have ended and a divorce has been issued.
In the following, we will examine the process of registering an official and international marriage in Turkey and provide you with a complete guide for this process.
1. Laws and regulations of marriage registration in Türkiye
In Türkiye, there are laws that determine how marriages must be registered. These rules include age requirements, physical and mental conditions, place and registration procedures. Also, as a country with a history of international presence, Turkey has regulations that cover international marriage as well.
2. Marriage registration process inside Türkiye
To register a marriage in Turkey, people must go to marriage registration centers and submit the required documents. This process includes completing the relevant forms, providing identification documents, and performing the necessary steps for marriage registration.
3. International marriage registration in Türkiye
For an international marriage in Turkey, non-nationals need to have certain documents that confirm that their marriage has been approved in their country. This includes the translation of documents into Türkiye and procedures for validating the marriage internationally.
4. Benefits of official and international marriage registration in Türkiye
Better rights and legal benefits for both people in case of problems in their life together
More financial and economic possibilities for couples
The legality of the marriage status in front of the government and other institutions
5. Procedures for Iranian marriage registration in Türkiye
A. Refer to the consulate of the applicant country
B. Obtaining approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye for international registration
C. Performing health medical tests
D. Obtaining marriage forms from the municipality and confirmation in official offices (Notary)
E. Set the time and perform the contract
F. Marriage registration at the Iranian embassy

The last word is that official and international marriage registration in Türkiye is a basic and necessary step in married life. By following the relevant rules and regulations and using complete guidelines, this process can be done easily. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for registering international marriages, with good laws and transparent processes, providing many people from all over the world with great opportunities to start a life together.

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Economic street photography and modeling: a narrative of combining art and business

Economic street photography and modeling, two elements that are far from each other on the surface, but under the surface, create an interesting intersection. These two arts and commercial activities not only have mutual relations, but in combination with each other, reveal new aspects of society and culture. In this article, we examine these two elements and the effects of their combination on modern societies.

Economic street photography:
Economic street photography is a unique type of photography that focuses on the daily life and economic activities of people in the street environment. This type of photography works not only as an art, but also as a tool to record and display social and economic realities. Commercial street photographers capture urban life in their images, focusing on small businesses, day laborers, street vendors, and ordinary consumers. These images not only show different aspects of economic life, but also act as a mirror of cultural and social diversity.

As technology advances, commercial street photographers have access to tools such as digital cameras and smartphones that allow them to capture unforgettable moments of urban life. These tools enable photographers to record and display economic realities faster and with lower costs, and engage in cultural exchange between the audience and photographers.

Modeling photography:
Modeling is a broad and dynamic industry where people are hired as models to represent various products, clothes, or services. This industry serves not only as a job opportunity for different people, but also as a medium to transfer ideas and cultural values to different communities. Modeling photography is also used as an advertising tool that enables better and more attractive display of products and services.

Combining street photography and modeling:
The combination of economic street photography and modeling is a new trend in the world of art and business, which leads to the creation of new and attractive images of urban life. In this combination, models are used as representatives of normal consumers in society and interact with different products or services in the street environment. Economic street photographers carefully capture and capture these moments, but with a focus on the commercial and commercial life aspects of these interactions.

This integration allows the simultaneous promotion of art and business. On the one hand, these images, as a new type of art, help to display urban life and economic activities in it. On the other hand, these images, as effective advertising tools, help businesses to introduce their products and services to different communities and have proper marketing.

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Economic photography and the reasonable price in Istanbul : a comprehensive guide for smart buyers

In today’s world, which is facing changes every day, photography as an important art and craft, records the various aspects of our life. But one of the issues that some people may face in choosing the right photographer for them is the costs associated with this art.
Photography costs may vary depending on the type and nature of the project. But in general, photography costs mainly include the following:
1. Cost of photographer services:
– Photographer’s fee for attending the photo shoot.
– Time and number of photos required for the project.
2. Equipment cost:
– Renting or buying photographic equipment such as cameras, lenses, flash, and other necessary equipment.
3. Post-production costs
– Costs related to processing and editing photos after the photography session.
– Cost of photo editing software.
4. Costs of printing photos or preparing photo albums (if required by the customer)
For the most accurate information about the costs of photography, it is recommended to contact the photographer or studio of your choice and discuss the details of your project with them. In this article, with an emphasis on economical photography and reasonable prices, we will examine the tips and guidelines that They help you choose your photography services wisely.

1. Determining your goals and needs
Before any action, you should define your goals and needs for photography. Are the photos for your commercial products? Do you need family photos or professional photos? By determining these things, you can choose the best photographer for your project.

2. Search and compare
Search for local and online photographers using online search tools. Reviews from past customers, portfolios, and prices are important factors to consider. By comparing this information, you can choose photography at the right price for you.

3. Portfolio study
Different photographers have different styles and perspectives. Before choosing a photographer, read his portfolio carefully. Does this style meet your expectations? Has it been able to capture beautiful moments or important features of products well?

4. Negotiate for the right price
When contacting the desired photographer, consider important negotiation points. First of all, read the prices and match them with your budget. If you are not able to pay the total amount in one go, use the option of paying in installments.

5. Additional services and discount packages
Many photographers offer packages and add-on services that may save you money. Take advantage of this opportunity and choose the best option for you by comparing the packages.

6. Agreement and transparency
Before starting the project, read the agreement carefully and specify all the details related to the services, prices and terms of the project. Transparency in financial matters and services gives you confidence.

7. Customer comments
Reviews of past customers can help you choose the right photographer. These reviews often contain useful experiences and information about service quality, pricing, and customer interactions.

8. Continuous cooperation
After choosing a photographer, it is recommended to keep in constant communication with your photographer. This communication ensures the progress of the project, the necessary corrections and a better understanding of your needs. Also, if you need changes and corrections during the work, this is possible.

9. Using technology as an auxiliary tool
Due to the advancement of technology, the use of digital tools is very effective in economic and affordable photography. Photographers with more modern equipment and advanced software can provide more quality services.

10. Attention to deadlines
Timing is critical for your project. Ask your photographer how long it will take to complete the project and ask him to stick to the deadlines. This can help prevent unnecessary delays.

11. Marketing and communication of the photographer with you
Many photographers introduce and promote their services by effective communication with clients and strong marketing. Ask your photographer if there are any opportunities to promote and market your images to help increase your recognition and popularity.

12. Final evaluation
After the project is finished, set aside time for a final evaluation. Your opinion about the quality of work and the experience of cooperation can help the photographer to improve his service and benefit from customer comments.

By following these tips and advice and consulting or contact us with the  Entezar studio’s team View our image gallery, you can choose economical and affordable photography in Istanbul and remember the special and important moments of your life with high quality. Remember that art photography is not only a recording of a moment, but a life experience that allows you to share with others and remember your special moments accurately and beautifully.

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Capturing Everlasting Moments: Romantic Outdoor Wedding Photography in Istanbul

When it comes to immortalizing the most cherished day of your life, the setting plays a crucial role. Istanbul, with its rich cultural heritage and breathtaking landscapes, provides an exquisite backdrop for romantic outdoor weddings. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the art of romantic outdoor wedding photography in Istanbul, exploring stunning locations, expert tips, and the magic that unfolds when love meets the enchanting city.

The Allure of Outdoor Wedding Photography in Istanbul

Begin by discussing the charm of choosing outdoor locations in Istanbul for wedding photography. Highlight the city’s diverse scenery, including historic landmarks, lush gardens, and panoramic views.

Choosing the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue

Explore iconic venues like the Hagia Sophia Gardens, Yildiz Park, or the Bosphorus waterfront. Provide insights into how each venue offers a unique atmosphere for romantic wedding photography.

Seasonal Considerations

Discuss the impact of seasons on outdoor weddings in Istanbul. From the vibrant colors of spring to the warm golden hues of autumn, each season brings its own magic to wedding photography.

Lighting and Timing

Delve into the importance of natural light in outdoor photography. Discuss the golden hour and how it enhances the romantic ambiance, creating soft, dreamy images.

Poses and Candid Moments

Offer a selection of romantic poses suitable for outdoor settings. Emphasize the significance of capturing candid moments that reflect the genuine emotions of the couple.

Dressing for the Location

Provide tips on choosing wedding attire that complements the chosen outdoor venue. Discuss practical considerations like terrain and weather while maintaining the elegance of the occasion.

Local Cultural Influences

Explore how incorporating Turkish cultural elements into the wedding can add a unique touch to the photography. This could include traditional attire, customs, or rituals.


Wrap up the guide by emphasizing the timeless beauty captured in romantic outdoor wedding photography in Istanbul. Encourage readers to consider the enchanting city as the backdrop for their special day.

Invite readers to explore your dedicated wedding photography in Istanbul page for a gallery of stunning images, detailed blog posts on specific shoots, the homepage for more about your services, and the contact us page for inquiries.

By choosing Istanbul as the canvas for their love story, couples can embark on a visual journey that transcends the ordinary, creating memories as enduring as the city itself.

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