Registration of official and international marriage in Turkiye is an important process that is of particular importance. With a rich history and culture, this country has laws that consider marriage registration as one of the vital and legal steps.
Registering a marriage in Turkey also brings various advantages, including obtaining an international marriage certificate, low cost and the possibility of registration for stateless persons and refugees.
If a person is a refugee in Türkiye, he can register a marriage with the help of a refugee lawyer.
The legal authorities for marriage registration in Türkiye are municipalities.
According to the laws of the Republic of Turkey, people can get married officially if they have the necessary documents by the official body of the municipality and by the relevant officials.
Another point is that, like Iran, the legal age for marriage in Turkey is at least 18 years old, and marriage registration for people under 18 years of age will not be done in any of the official centers announced by the government.
If the person is already married, the previous marriage must have ended and a divorce has been issued.
In the following, we will examine the process of registering an official and international marriage in Turkey and provide you with a complete guide for this process.
1. Laws and regulations of marriage registration in Türkiye
In Türkiye, there are laws that determine how marriages must be registered. These rules include age requirements, physical and mental conditions, place and registration procedures. Also, as a country with a history of international presence, Turkey has regulations that cover international marriage as well.
2. Marriage registration process inside Türkiye
To register a marriage in Turkey, people must go to marriage registration centers and submit the required documents. This process includes completing the relevant forms, providing identification documents, and performing the necessary steps for marriage registration.
3. International marriage registration in Türkiye
For an international marriage in Turkey, non-nationals need to have certain documents that confirm that their marriage has been approved in their country. This includes the translation of documents into Türkiye and procedures for validating the marriage internationally.
4. Benefits of official and international marriage registration in Türkiye
Better rights and legal benefits for both people in case of problems in their life together
More financial and economic possibilities for couples
The legality of the marriage status in front of the government and other institutions
5. Procedures for Iranian marriage registration in Türkiye
A. Refer to the consulate of the applicant country
B. Obtaining approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Türkiye for international registration
C. Performing health medical tests
D. Obtaining marriage forms from the municipality and confirmation in official offices (Notary)
E. Set the time and perform the contract
F. Marriage registration at the Iranian embassy

The last word is that official and international marriage registration in Türkiye is a basic and necessary step in married life. By following the relevant rules and regulations and using complete guidelines, this process can be done easily. Turkey is one of the most popular destinations for registering international marriages, with good laws and transparent processes, providing many people from all over the world with great opportunities to start a life together.

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